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How to Make Gift Baskets

Gift baskets .

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Gift Basket - Containers and Fillings

Use your imagination and creativity!

The Internet is a GREAT resource for gift basket container and fillings ideas.

Unusual and Original Gift Basket Containers:

Picnic Basket
Bucket (for garage/household/car cleaning)
Ice Cream Bucket
Sand Bucket (for kids/beach)
Large Shoe or hat box
Lunch box
Serving tray
Large mug
Pot (for planting)
A Purse
Baby bathtub
Salad bowl
Ice chest or cooler
Ice bucket
Laundry bag or basket
Sewing basket
Tackle box
Goldfish bowl
Pet food dish
Watering can
Gift-wrapped box
Pot (for cooking), or Wok
Cookie Jar
Cookie Jar Gift Basket icon
Ice Bucket Gift Basket icon Engraved Ice Cream Bucket with Scoop

Personalized Ice Bucket icon
Spring Has Sprung Basket
Many craft stores have small replicas made from lightweight wood and or straw. Just a few of these that you may come across in your shopping adventures and decide to use:

Personalized Lined Basket icon Wheelbarrow
Car (convertible)
Tool Box
Tackle Box
Popcorn Tub

icon icon Great Ideas for gift basket 'filling':

The basket filling doesn't all have to be exotic, eye-appealing, and expensive. Use crumpled up newspaper to fill the bottom of the container and give it a more 'stuffed' look. Then, you can top the newspaper with something more exotic an colorful, like:

Cellophane 'grass'
Shredded paper (in any/many colors)
Wood shavings
Tissue paper
Small blanket
Baby - diapers
Candy kisses
Deflated mylar balloon(s)
Popcorn (unbuttered)
Flower petals

Real, rose petals for the romantic, or silk flower petals

Or fill it to the rim with curlicued wrapping ribbon

Seasonal items:
Plastic snowflakes
Pine needles
Foam eggs
Foil-covered candy eggs
Tiny chicks
St. Patricks
Silk 4 leaf-clovers
Silk fall leaves

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